Redskins Lose to Rams – Josh Morgan Becomes a Meme

fisher thug 300x200 Redskins Lose to Rams   Josh Morgan Becomes a Meme

I expected much more from such a luscious mustache. But he disappointed me.

On a day in the NFL when, until now, the officials’ greatest accomplishments in life were giving pop quizzes to 8th grade history classes in Idaho, our replacement officials shit the bed in an astounding manner.

Calling some penalties, shrugging others off, deciding to order pizza over the stadium intercom system instead of worrying about personal fouls, the NFL replacement officials certainly shoulder their share of the blame for the disaster which was Redskins vs. Rams on Sunday.

That’s not to say that the Rams were great, or that the Redskins were great.  Neither team looked dominant, but let’s be honest, the Rams were looking to draw as many personal foul penalties against the Redskins as humanly possible. I thought I was watching a high budget re-imagining of West Side Story at one point, because after every play the two teams were trying to rumble.

I think the Rams need a little anger management counseling or at the very least, a kindergarten refresher course on playing nicely with others.  Why were they starting so many confrontations throughout this game?  Did Jeff Fisher suddenly become the leader of the Crips?  I don’t get it.  I’ve never seen so much hostility between plays in my life.

I’m willing to bet there would be less posturing between two male Peacocks competing over the same female.  This was sickening to watch on a professional football field and the Rams should be ashamed by their behavior.  I’m all for pride and excitement, but chest bumping your opponents while talking trash to them the whole day, and needing to be separated almost constantly?  Did the Redskins dishonor your wife or something?  What kind of silly shit is this?

And let’s not forget the officials.  They truly shit the bed for both teams today.  Fumbles that weren’t fumbles, but actually were fumbles, touchdowns that happened but didn’t happen, though they should have happened on review but hell, who cares because we’re only here for a short time while the NFL tries to avoid paying their qualified officials to be here.

It gross to watch the NFL with all of the officiating mistakes being made from these replacement officials and even the NFL reps in the booth.  It’s as if they just said “f*ck it, if Roger Goodell ain’t care, we ain’t care either”.

And then, when the Redskins had a chance to come back and tie the game late, on a pass to Joshua Morgan that could have set up a game tying field goal attempt by Billy Cundiff….Josh Morgan went straight up crazy.

Chucking the ball at the defender in retaliation for a cheap shot cost the team 15 yards and forced the kicker to try a near impossible 62 yard field goal.  And it failed.  And Morgan instantly became an internet Meme.  And I do mean INSTANTLY.  Look here:

morganinghindenburg 300x210 Redskins Lose to Rams   Josh Morgan Becomes a Meme

#morganing is the new #griffining is the new #laroning is the new #tebowing

This was on the internet almost immediately following the incident.  I don’t blame Morgan for being pissed off.  The way the Rams were instigating fights and arguments all day, it was bound to get to someone.  But damn, you’re a professional and you just screwed your team.

So, MEME away people.  He played bad and he should feel bad:

morganingtitanic 300x210 Redskins Lose to Rams   Josh Morgan Becomes a Meme

Seriously, someone work up a Zoidberg Meme with this and send it my way.


So yes, the Redskins lost, RG3 threw his first interception, the Rams played like a punch of parolees high on angel dust and the NFL officials sucked ass.  Another glorious weekend in the life of a Redskins fan.

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