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pre raw 300x200 Pre Mature Regurgitation   RAW Preview 6/25

It's going to happen, you can't stop it. Might as well accept your fate.

It’s almost that time once more, RAW is on tonight.  And it’s one of our last few shows that will stick to less than 3 hours.  I’m going to try to enjoy it and keep a positive outlook on the changes coming, but if last week’s show was any indication, we’re in for pure misery.

Anyhow, what’s going on tonight?  Well for one thing…

chris jericho 2 300x225 Pre Mature Regurgitation   RAW Preview 6/25

The Rock isn't the only superstar who has notes written on his body.

Jericho Returns!  Did you miss him?  I didn’t.  He’s been just kind of “there” since his return earlier this year.  That’s not a reflection on Chris so much as it is a reflection on horrific booking and lackluster story lines.

Punk is a drunk?  Really?  That’s what we’re going for here?  Punk the drunk.  CM Drunk with the crackwhore sister and the deadbeat dad and the promiscuous mother who <gasp> had a child out of wedlock?  What is this, the 1950′s?  Christ.  Let’s hope he comes back with a purpose and a direction tonight.  Also, we’ll get some kind of Fozzy musical bullshit in the way of a promo or something.  I’m fairly certain of that.

raw logo3 238x300 RAW Regurgitation   Woo Woo Woo They Blew It

If you're a masochist, you're going to love the Three Hour Format.

Honestly I was hoping for a decent show, but I guess I can hope in one hand and shit in the other, see which one fills up first.   It was the wrap-it-up show from their “big” No Way Out pay per view event this past Sunday.  So WWE decided to basically give everybody the night off.  There wasn’t much wrestling and there honestly wasn’t much show, thanks to the Millions and Millions of Commercials.

In all, they didn’t do much to further storylines.  They were broadcasting live from Long Island, and neglected to put Zack Ryder on the show.  They had the big “Farewell Address” from Big Johnny, and that was boring and predictable.  And they gave us a little more Punk vs. Bryan vs. Kane with special guest albino, Sheamus and a touch of AJ.

Otherwise, this show had nothing to recommend it.  I really can’t wait until they go to three hours in July.  It’s going to be pure miserable shit, I’m calling it now.

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With all that said, let’s schlep our way through Monday Night Raw.

nowayoutposter1 230x300 WWE No Way Out Regurgitation   Night of Diminishing Returns

1.) That doesn't look like AJ. 2.) This isn't even relevant to the pay per view or storyline. 3.) Daniel Bryan looks like he belongs in that era.

We all knew this was coming didn’t we?  They promoted this pay per view for like three solid weeks on TV and yet, we hoped against hope that they were just pulling our legs.  No such luck, it happened, and parts of it were wholly unnecessary.  Some was decent though.  It’s nearly impossible to be disappointed when you have Punk, Bryan and Ziggler on the card.

So what happened?  I’ll let you know what happened and what I thought of it, but first, you need to follow me on Twitter.  It irritates me that Vince has more Twitter followers than I do and I’m at least as crazy as he is.

Now…let’s get to it.

No Way Out WWE Preview

nowayoutposter 230x300 No Way Out WWE Preview

Airbrushed to non-belief, that's AJ. Yes, AJ. How awful for her.

Ok, since I’ve been skimping on updates lately, I thought it was only right that I did something special for the three of you who read my blog on a regular basis.  Tonight, I have paid for and will suffer through, the No Way Out Pay Per View event.

This event promises us a Triple Threat with CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and (ugh) Kane for the WWE Championship.  It also offers us a World Heavyweight Championship bout with Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio Dolph Ziggler.  And it offers us the chance to see some nonsense with Santino and Ricardo Rodriguez.  PLUS…a promo from Triple H about his pending lawsuits from Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar.

Truly, this is worth $45 in standard definition and $55 in HIGH Definition.  In fact, if you got high, it would be a better show.

Tomorrow you’ll reap the benefits of me suffering through this throw-away pay per view.  Tonight?  It’s Father’s Day, I’m a father and I’m drinking insane amounts of Miller Lite!